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ADV Pro(Sold Out)

ADV Pro(Sold Out)
ADV Pro(Sold Out)
ADV Pro(Sold Out)
ADV Pro(Sold Out)
ADV Pro(Sold Out)
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Update 28th May 2024

the beloved floatwheel Adv is now out of stock

Currently we are tweaking with production line to shift to Adv2. please stay tuned!

Battery: 84V 8.4Ah 621.6Wh 20S2P Molicel P42A

Motor: 6HP CannonCore Motor

Height Adjustable Ergonomic Rails 5

Charger: Standard 180w charger (240min charge time)

We recommend a Hypercharger to fully enjoy this board.

We recommend a set of Carbonfiber rail guard to make it even more fabulous.

Your sales agent will contact you via email once you have create the order to collect the full payment.

Ships within 45 days of order date (from China) No VAT

Your shipping fee will be calculated in your final payment, we can ship globally.

Shipping fee estimation:
CA $150(sea shipping) / $310~$350(air shipping); EU $120;AU $320(air shipping);Asia $100

This estimation will vary between difference receiving address (±25%) .

1 Year warranty against manufacture error.

We accept USDC(on polygon network) only.

If your country does not have access to USDC we can also take other types of crypto

please contact [email protected] for payment information.